Knowing the tales of the past, leads to a respect and Enhancement of the Cultural Heritage. The sense of memory promotes an understanding of identity, and the value of tangible and intangible evidence are part of the cultural expression of the communities of man. 
The knowledge of one’s own land, through cultural communication, is the objective of the AB Origin: Culture, History, Identity information portal. In particular, the project aims to enhance and promote Sardinia’s Cultural and Landscape Heritage through articles, reports, research and photographs, in order to improve and add to the quality and quantity of knowledge available. Through the use of an electronic network for the transfer of data, users will be able to consult and improve their knowledge of the history, tradition and other aspects of our island. 
The cultural themes are covered in depth through a meticulous examination of texts, archives, untold information from authoritative experts in this field, private documents and surveys carried out on the ground. The photographs have been taken by the author or brought to light through careful investigation or through generous contributions from third parties. This information serves to support the variety of different themes covered. The need to have a logo stems from the need to distinguish all the information that is included within this portal. An e-mail address is provided for readers to ask questions or request additional information.

Dr. Lucia Deidda

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